Wednesday, February 16

more missed races

continuing on from too many DNS's in 2010, i've already missed Old Monks 6 in Hartlepool and the Absent Friends trail race in billingham, and it looks like very popular  Snake Lane 10 will be another one that i can't make in 2 weeks time. Ho hum.

Thursday, February 10

my new favourite radio station....

it's like being back at school. Absolute Rdio 80's, as the name suggests, only play 80's music, some of which is truly dire, but is mostly excellent.

Wednesday, February 9

no news yet...

well, i had my MRI scan on Monday evening, but now i have to wait for the consultant to get in touch so i can find out what the findings of the scan are. As the consultant isn't actually involved with the scan process itself, the images or report needs to go from the neuro-radiology dept. to my consultant before i find out what's what.  i have no idea as to when that might be.

Sunday, February 6

getting my head looked at...

tomorrow (monday) is MRI day, so hopefully i\ll have some progress to report as well as  some answers about what has actually happened to cause my stroke will be forthcoming from James Cook Hospital.

Friday, January 14

more staggering about

it's the weirdest sensation, just trying to get out for  a short walk., when your lrg dorsn't do what you would expevt it to do. it is so tiring too. even a  relaxedwander of  mile or two leaves me quite shattered and in need of a siesta. Hopefully this lack of energy will soon be replaced by bucketfuls of vigor so i can start  building up to running again

Wednesday, January 5


Brookside revisited

fit in 're having a few days away, off to Northumberland for someR&R, a few nights at Brookside Villa in Gilsland, near Haltwhistle.
This is the bestB&B ever, where myself and `beth stayed during our Hadrian's Wall walk in the summer.This time  we are all going,  to sample the warm welcome and fantastic food  on offer and maybe do a little walking too.

Monday, January 3

Been for a Walk...

Well, when i say 'walk' i really mean stumbling along dragging my left leg along like i'm auditioning for sme cheap zombie horror movie / thriller re-make
an artist's impression of me on a stroll

. managed 2 miles, so will try to double that tomorrow, also looking forward to a home visit from the community stroke team nurse in the morning, hopefully she'll have lots of helpful hints and tips and canaccelerate me along the road to full mobility.

Sunday, January 2

Motivational Platitude of the Week

Even a journey of 1000 miles must start with single step.

Wise Chinese Man
Applicable to me in more ways than one,firstly and most importantly in recovering from my brain injuries, and secondly in my training for edinburgh marathon, for which my training plan includes 1050 miles over the next 5 months.

Saturday, January 1

Happy New Year, Crappy Old Year

2010 review of my year to follow...

running and acing in 2010:
the first half of the year was spoiled by an achilles injury which prevented me from training for several months and thus miss out on a good handful of spring races. The second half of the year was ruined by my stay in the neuro ward atNewcastle General win July. My subsequent 60min+ 10k at New Marske's Victorian 10k maintained my ever present record at my first ever road race and gave me a new all-time slowest run timr for that distance. More summer and autumn races  missed due to ack of fitness / training.

being poorly in 2010:
apart from a few muscular tweaks and strains, the two big events for me were ending up in the brain injuries unit at Newcastle General, having been diagnosed with a bleed on the brain. Symptoms included loss of co-ordination, a big blind-spot on my left-hand-side and generally bumping into things (people, cars, bags, bollards etc.) my next hospital stay was between Christmas and New Year at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough having had another bleed which has left me with stroke-like symptoms, lack of strength/ control/ dexterity on my left-hand side.